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It was just another day at the pet shop, and there you were sitting in front of the mirror. 'A cat? Seriously?' You thought, peeved at the fact. You had just got done visiting Greece and awoke to Arthur mumbling something with you in his arms to Heracles. Turns out, as usual, his magic backfired and left you in a feline state.

That was two weeks ago and you've still yet to turn human again, or find an owner. You stared at your feline self, wondering where you messed up so badly that karma came back and bit you this hard. Being too drawn into your own appearance and thoughts, you failed to notice when Heracles was showing off the other felines to the male that entered.

You just walked back and forth, scanning yourself as though to remind yourself that this cruel fate was real, like a model on a cat walk. Your [h/c] fur shined fruitfully in the light, making you wonder where the white on the tips of your ears came from. Furthermore, while you weren't a fat cat, your fur was longer than usual and you were fluffy. Almost like a Pomeranian dog.

It was when Heracles picked you up that you were snapped out of your trance. He held you lovingly, making you meow contently as your [e/c] eyes gazed up to him in question. He only responded by petting your head lightly, forcing an almost inaudible purr to erupt.

"This is our final cat." Heracles stated, informing the blond male across from him. Yeah, you were always introduced last because Heracles knew what happened. "Her name is _______. She's a kind one, very independent yet loving all the same. She likes to cuddle and play, and her favorite food is [food name]."

A faint shudder racked through you kitten body as a familiar set of violet eyes looked over you. Those chubby cheeks, childlike smile, and very distracting scarf was all that you needed to know that it was Ivan Braginski looking at you. He smiled fondly at you, a bright yet sad gleam in his eyes.

"You named her after [country name], da?" He asked in his thick, Russian accent.

Heracles nodded. "After she went missing, everyone was saddened. When I found this kitten, I couldn't help but name her ________."

You looked up at him, a small shine in your [e/c] eyes. You meowed at him as a way to say 'nice cover'.

The Russian nodded solemnly, his smile fading. "Da. We were so close, too. I looked everywhere for her... But I'm not giving up." He said, almost triumphantly.

The Greek man nodded, completely forgetting that you weren't supposed to go to another country. "So, I take it that you want her?"



You were sitting contently on the dinner table, looking around at the feasting nations over the rim of the bowl you were eating out of. Ivan had instructed Toris to give you a place at the table and a bowl of tuna, which you were very thankful for.

Eduard, Raivis, and Toris were sitting at the table, eating and shaking in slight fear of the Russian eating across from them. A fond smile came to Ivan's face as he turned to look at you.

"She looks a lot like _________, da?" He asked, never once taking his eyes off of you.

Eduard and Toris nodded thoughtfully. You meowed as Raivis opened his mouth, probably to say something stupid, and succeeded in getting him to shut up before he said something to make Ivan mad. The other two Baltics looked at you thoughtfully, but smiled at you nonetheless.

"Speaking of which," Eduard stated, drawing Ivan's immediate attention. "I've been doing as you asked. [country]'s cell phone has been getting a lot of incoming calls, but she's never accepted them. Her cell phone has been tracked to her house, but we all know that she isn't there." He finished.

You were thoroughly surprised, impressed, and slightly creeped out. You were surprised because there were people still calling you and impressed that he even tracked it to your house- where it was still probably on your charger. Though, it slightly creeped you out to know that Ivan had a man like Eduard at his disposal.

"I've also gotten in contact with Finland. He said that the Nordics were watching her neighborhood for signs on if she would be back, but they've come up with nothing." The Estonian man finished his report, shaking slightly in fear that his boss might be angry at him with the results.

"I see." Ivan stated, taking a bite of his food. Whatever it was he was eating sure smelled delightful.

"I-I've also been doing some d-digging." Toris managed to stutter out. The Lithuanian male placed his fork down on the plate and looked up into the Russian's violet eyes.

Russia was instantly intrigued. "You have? I didn't even ask you to. Well, this is a nice surprise, da?" He said, smiling his child-like smile.

You meowed, interrupting the four to let them know that you were finished with your meal. Raivis looked over at you and excused himself from the table long enough to get you a water dish, which you thanked him for with another meow.

As you lapped up your water, you never took your ears nor eyes off of the conversation.

"I asked Poland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ukraine, and even Belarus. None of them had any clue. Netherlands jumped at the opportunity of looking for her, though, since he has the state-of-mind that there's a reward." Toris stated, looking up in thought.

Raivis thought it would be nice to chip in, surprisingly with something useful to say. "I asked Wales and Australia if they knew anything. Jett hasn't even heard of her disappearance and got all worried about it, but Wales said that England had been acting sketchy lately. Apparently he hasn't come out of his basement in weeks." The Latvian male said.

At the mention of Arthur, you hissed almost immediately. This drew the attention of the four men to you, where you tilted your head innocently. Arthur may be the outlet for your hate right now, but you decided that it would be wise to lay low.

"It seems even _________ is suspicious about the Brit." Ivan stated, causing you to narrow your eyes at him and flatten your ears. Apparently, you couldn't stop your reactions when you heard anything related to Arthur.

"Well." Ivan said, standing up. "It seems I have some questioning to do tomorrow." He said cheerily.

As soon as he left the room, the three men let out relieved breaths.


Apparently, to Ivan, your fur seemed dirty. So, he thought he'd be a nice owner and give you a bath. In all honesty, you didn't see why most cats hated water. It felt nice to have warm water rush over your fur, and it felt even better to have his large hands massage the shampoo into the 'dirty' fur. You couldn't help but purr and lean into his touch.

Suds were floating around in the low waters, and curse your kitten instincts, you ran away from his hand to pounce on every bubble that your saw. Which was hard to do, seeing as how there were so many of them. Your ears perked up when you heard the Russian laugh at your antics.

You looked over at him to see him sitting on the ground next to the bath tub, resting his head on his arms that were crossed on the side of the white container. His violet eyes sparkled in what seemed to be amusement, but held a noticeable pain.

"Koshka, you're silly." He said. "I think you'll like ________. She's the girl you were named after."

You tilted your head and meowed. He chuckled at you once more and you happily flicked your tail. Unfortunately, the movement caused suds to go flying, and  you attempted to pounce on them once more, accidentally splashing Ivan's arms in the process.

He smiled fondly. "If England took my ________ away from me, I'll make sure he won't see the light of day for many years to come."

You trotted over to him, happily splashing water each time your feet hit the bottom of the tub. Standing on your hind legs, you placed your front paws on the side and meowed again as you tilted your head.

He kept his smile and grabbed the shower head, rinsing you of your sudsy state. "She was adorable. So kind and gentle. She was my first friend... And the first person I loved. And if that mudak England hurt my little podsolnechnik..." He trailed off as you licked his hand.

He looked down at you, wondering when his gaze was brought up to the wall. Again, he started speaking to his supposed 'kitten'. "I love her. I really do... But I'm afraid she'll reject me... My little podsolnechnik... My little sunflower... I will find you."

You couldn't help but blush, though your fur sufficiently covered it. His mindless massaging made you relax in his hand and he picked you up, your fur drooping down and draining of water. He smiled and brought you to eye-level with him.

You couldn't help it. You've wanted to kiss that adorable nose of his for a long time, and seeing as how you were a kitten, it was the perfect chance. But, as soon as your sandpaper-y little tongue came back into the confines of your mouth, your vision turned black before a loud bang was heard, almost like a gunshot.

When you opened your eyes, you saw nothing but smoke. You were slightly scared, and knowing that the Russian could take good care of himself, you curled up into a ball in the back of the tub, making the abnormally low waters stir.

'Wait.. My arms.. I feel my legs.. I see my hair! I'm back!' You thought happily.

"________? Are you alright?" You heard the Russian ask before coughing. "Little koshka?"

Not being able to help yourself, you let a small smile spread over your features as you awaited the smoke to clear. Once it did, Ivan's wide eyes landed on your [e/c] ones. "I'm just fine, big guy."

A large smile spread over his features and, not caring that he would get wet, he leaped forward and pulled you into his large arms. You giggled and nuzzled into his neck. "And, just for the record, I love you too."

Ivan pulled back, eyes wide and a visible blush across his features. "So Arthur did do it.. He turned you into that koshka, da?"

You nodded and smiled before giving him a chaste kiss on the lips. He didn't seem to like that, though, as he soon pulled you back in for a much deeper and passionate kiss. You let out a small moan into the loving gesture as his hands began travelling down your sides, revealing to the both of you that you were completely nude.

You pulled away, thoroughly embarrassed, and covered yourself. Ivan chuckled before opening the door slightly. "Little Lithuania~ You will bring me a pair of sleep pants and a t-shirt, da?"

In the distance, you could hear a shaky "Yes, Mr.Russia"

When his eyes returned to you, they respectfully stayed locked onto your [e/c] eyes. "I'm happy my sunflower is back."

"I'm happy to be back."
Whoo~ Guess who's being more productive in the summer? This girl. So, anyway, here's the Russia one, as requested by :iconhellgirl-fan1:
Up next; writing for Scotland. GOD, PLEASE HELP ME ON THAT ACCENT. AMEN.
xD Haha~ Not exactly the happiest with this little piece, but whatever, ya'know? Sometimes something comes out that you're not too happy with, but it works. [[or you're like me and are too lazy to edit it]]

Anyway, if you want any other countries, comment and let me know!
Prussia - [link]
Denmark - [link]

Hetalia - :iconhimaruyaplz:
You - :iconsexyrussiaplz:
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